Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun Food for Meredith's Birthday

Meredith loves the birthday crown she got in school!

For Meredith's 2nd Birthday I planned to have some 'Owl' snacks.  Because we were having her party at our neighborhood park I made some owl cookies and sandwiches to keep things simple.  I chose to make shortbread cookies because they don't rise very much when they bake so the owl details would not be distorted.  I used this recipe for the cookies 'Joy of Baking' Shortbread Recipe, they tasted great! 

 Here's a parliment of owl cookies!  Their beaks are made from chocolate covered sunflower seeds (from Wegmans and here Sunny Seed Drops) and the eyes are chocolate chips. 

Owl Sandwiches ready for the eating!  The eyes are made with mini vanilla wafers and chocolate chips, with chocolate sunflower seed beaks.  Of course these sandwiches are peanut butter! 

Thanks for making delicious owl cookies for me mommy!