Sunday, April 21, 2013

Packed Lunch Week 31

Monday 4.15.13

Tuesday 4.16.13

Wednesday 4.17.13

Friday Funday!  4.18.13

Packed Lunch Week 30

Monday 4.8.13

Tuesday 4.9.13

Wednesday 4.10.13*

Thursday 4.11.13
 Friday Funday!  Papa Johns Pizza with a visit to school from Daddy!  

Jeffrey Piggy!

*Yes, I did forget to photograph a lunch!  So I packed the exact same lunch the next day and put 2 of the same picture up! :)

Packed Lunch Week 29

Tuesday 4.2.13

Wednesday 4.3.13

Thursday 4.4.13

Friday Funday!  4.5.13

Jeffrey decided he would like cheese quesedillas for lunch!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Packed Lunches March

Lots of days of school for Teacher Conferences, Easter, and Snow Day Cancellations.
Here's the last school lunches of March.

Wednesday 3.20.13
Thursday 3.21.13

Friday Funday 3.22.13
Tuesday 3.26.13