Thursday, April 26, 2012

We love owls!

The kids and I really like owls - we have a lot of stuffed animal owls and 'owl' was one of Meredith's first words.  I have been working on some snacks and treats for Meredith's owl themed 2nd Birthday, and I just couldn't stop myself from making her this cute lunch too. 

Owl sandwiches - cream cheese (one of Meredith's favorite foods) with raisin eyes, and a bread beak.  Served up on an owl plate, too!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

We made the Earth out of Jello for Earth day!  

 Jello before we formed the Earth.

Jeffrey and his Jello Earth.

Jeffrey enjoyed his dessert, Meredith hates Jello!  She was screaming about it!

Meredith is happy to be in the learning tower, but doesn't want any of that crazy jello.

We made our dessert by first making some green jello jiggler which we cut into squares and then pouring blue jello over that and chilling.  Make sure your second color of Jello cools down before you pour it over the first color!  I didn't wait long enough and many of our green parts melted. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jeffrey's Special Helper Day Snack for April

This week at Jeffrey's school the Fabulous 4's are talking about Birds. Since Birds are a favorite subject at our house I hoped we could make a snack with a bird theme. Here's what I came up with:
Rice Krispie treat nest with Cadbury chocolate egg, and Cheddar Chickadees.

Happily this used up some odds and ends ingredients in my cabinets too. Spring cleaning! Here's how I formed the nests - make sure to spray muffin tin with non-stick spray:

Jeffrey loves special helper day and birdies too!

Easter Lunch

Here's the kid's Easter Lunch - Jeffrey had his usual peanut butter sandwich, cheesey puffs (from the Easter bunny!), Cheddar Bunnies (which he apparently doesn't like), and a cheese Easter egg.

Meredith is not pleased to discover the 'cheese' is really hard boiled egg.

The rest of us had egg salad which I made from our dyed Easter Eggs, it was so good! I should have taken a picture of the 'grown ups lunch' it was probably more exciting. Here's the egg salad recipe, courtesy of my friend Emily:

Em's Egg Salad

10 hard boiled eggs
4 - 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayo
2 spoonfuls dijon mustard
2-3 Tablespoons vinegar
Fresh dill
Chopped Parsley
Fresh ground pepper
Kosher Salt flakes (or penzy's shallot salt if you have it)

Peel eggs dice into small chunks and then dump it into a mixing bowl. Add other ingredients which are all to taste, make sure not to go to heavy on the mustard and vinegar.

Emily and I recommend this with either Rye Triscuits or rye bread for a sandwich!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Funday Thursday

Here's a fun little lunch we had Thursday, Jeffrey wanted 2 apples for lunch so we had red and green apple slices. Our lunch wouldn't be complete without a peanut butter sandwich, which needed a little 'cuteness' so I added a pepperoni heart. On the side is springtime ritz with munster and a side of veggie booty. Everything matched (including Jeffrey) when I grabbed this nice placemat from Grandma Axtell!

Spring Lunches

We had a spring lunch for the first day of spring, with bunny sandwiches and a picnic on the deck. The kids and I are so excited for spring and bunnies and Easter! Meredith and I even spotted a bunny hopping though the back yard a few days ago, she was dissapointed when it hopped away and didn't stay.

Peanut butter bunny, springtime ritz crackers with munster cheese, pizza annie's bunny snack mix.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I found a new plate for Meredith, when I saw it in the store I was thrilled! It is our favorite colors purple and pink and it has owls on it! The plate is also a great divided shape for lunches. I was so excited to give it to Meredith, and you can see how happy she is when she saw her lunch!

Meredith has a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich shaped like a heart (cause she loves owls!), a cheese stick cut into slices, two apple pieces and two mini spring oreos.

Closeup of our new plate, not only does it have owls, but ladybugs, flowers and hearts! Meredith's favorites!