Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Lunch

Here's the kid's Easter Lunch - Jeffrey had his usual peanut butter sandwich, cheesey puffs (from the Easter bunny!), Cheddar Bunnies (which he apparently doesn't like), and a cheese Easter egg.

Meredith is not pleased to discover the 'cheese' is really hard boiled egg.

The rest of us had egg salad which I made from our dyed Easter Eggs, it was so good! I should have taken a picture of the 'grown ups lunch' it was probably more exciting. Here's the egg salad recipe, courtesy of my friend Emily:

Em's Egg Salad

10 hard boiled eggs
4 - 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayo
2 spoonfuls dijon mustard
2-3 Tablespoons vinegar
Fresh dill
Chopped Parsley
Fresh ground pepper
Kosher Salt flakes (or penzy's shallot salt if you have it)

Peel eggs dice into small chunks and then dump it into a mixing bowl. Add other ingredients which are all to taste, make sure not to go to heavy on the mustard and vinegar.

Emily and I recommend this with either Rye Triscuits or rye bread for a sandwich!

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