Saturday, June 22, 2013

Corl Street Picnic

Corl Street has a family picnic every year where parents and siblings join their student for lunch.  The day started out a bit rainy, so the picnic was moved into Jeffrey's classroom.  Luckily we all had a space to sit at the tables, although we sat in a tiny kindergartener sized chair! 

Lunch was hamburgers, a favorite of Jeffrey's although he did not initially recognize this 'mystery meat' when it was presented from the school cafeteria!  I enjoyed eating off the sectional tray just like when I was in school, and it was fun to see all Jeffrey's classmates and their families.  Meredith enjoyed her usual lunch of a peanut butter sandwich, cheese stick and raisins.  She's not ready for the school lunches yet!

After lunch Meredith and I went out on the playground for recess with Jeffrey's class.  Alex pushed Jeffrey on the swings all crazy, it was fun to see what really happens at recess!

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