Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For our St. Patrick's Day lunch we had our standard peanut butter (and Jelly for Mer) Sandwiches, and Green foods!

Meredith had peanut butter and Jelly, green goldfish and some bananas and raisins. She was very pleased.

Jeffrey requested Shamrock sandwiches, and had granny smith green apple, green grapes, green goldfish, and veggie booty (I tricked him by telling him they made pirates booty green for St. Patrick's day! He ate all the booty and asked for more. Hee hee.)


Today I had to eat a scrappy peanut butter sandwich lunch, all the bits left from making Jeffrey's sandwich. I make such sacrifices for these cute kids! Look at those smiles.

Some other green food ideas for next time are: guacamole/avocado, celery and cucumber.

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